Effects of Finite Groundplane on Circuit and Radiation Parameters of U-PIFA

P. Salonen (Finland)


PIFA, DualBand PIFA, Finiteground plane size, DualBand Antenna.


The demand for antennas for mobile wireless application has recently increased dramatically. For instance, there is a number of landand satellite-based systems for wireless communication using a wide range of frequency bands. The number of subscribers to the different systems has increased as well as the demand for dual-band equipment capable of handling two or even more frequency bands. PIFAs are widely used in portable devices which are definitely size-limited. Therefore, it is interesting to study the effects of finite sized groundplane on various radiation and circuit parameters of the antenna. In this paper impedance bandwidth with criterion VSWR < 2 and radiation efficiency as a function of antenna position on finite sized groundplane is studied for a dual-band U-PIFA. The results show that radiation efficiency and impedance bandwidth are strongly dependent of the antenna position on the groundplane. In addition, it is shown that the desired bandwidth can be controlled by proper location of the antenna.

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