Functional Partitioning of All-IP Mobile Devices

M. Kangas (Finland), H. Krummel (Germany), M. Mahkonen, J. Mäntylä, S. Uskela (Finland), H. Chaskar (USA), and O. Silven (Finland)


Mobile Communications, AllIP, UMTS User Equipment split, Terminal Equipment, Mobile Terminal.


Partitioning of the Internet Protocol (IP)-based wireless user equipment into two functional entities, mobile terminal and terminal equipment, is an effective means for coping with the implementation complexity and enhancing the flexibility of wireless service delivery mechanism. The mobile terminal implements the cellular connection while the terminal equipment performs application-oriented functions. In this paper, we consider the partitioning of data forwarding and session management functionalities between the mobile terminal and the terminal equipment. We describe a number of attractive partitioning options for Universal Mobile Telecommunication System (UMTS) cellular user equipment and study their pros and cons and performance.

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