A Java Architecture for Secure Reliable Multicast Data Transfer: Performance Evaluation

M. Draoli, F. Lombardi, C. Gaibisso, and A. Stentella Liberati (Italy)


Security, performances, Java, reliability, multicast protocol.


This paper investigates the potentiality of the Java technologies in providing a secure, reliable multicast distribution of bulk data. With this aim we defined a new protocol, the Multicast Transport Layer Security protocol (MTLS), meeting the security requirements for multicast based applications, i.e. confidentiality, integrity, authentication and non-repudiation. We developed a Java implementation of MTLS and evaluated its impact on the performances of J-MFTPv2, an enhanced version of J MFTPv1, a Java application implementing the main functionality of the MFTP protocol, which provides a multicast file transfer service. Experimental results show that a secure, reliable transmission of files in Java is feasible: J-MFTPv2 performs well up to high transmission rates and is robust with respect to high packet loss rate. Cryptography has a negligible impact on J-MFTPv2 performances as far as transmission rate does not exceed the value of 4.0 Mb/sec. For higher rates performance loss is mostly due to the data receiving processes. Key distribution can play a major role on the performance of the system, depending on the strategy adopted for the renewal of the keys.

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