Comparative Performance Analysis of IP Routing Software

R. Fatoohi, M. Gajria, S. Khader, and R. Singh (USA)


Communication protocols , Internet routing, traffic generator, performance analysis, benchmarking.


With the high demand for routing devices, many organizations are struggling to provide adequate routing capabilities to their users. Many small organizations, which cannot afford commercial routers, opt to converting under-utilized workstations and PCs into routers by installing freely available routing software and adding inexpensive network interface cards to these machines. This is a performance study of two routing software suites, Zebra and Gated, in comparison with two Cisco routers, 2514 and 3640. Two main routing protocols, OSPF and BGP, are tested on Zebra, Gated, and Cisco IOS using a traffic generator. Several parameters are used to measure router performance; including convergence time, memory usage, CPU usage and frame loss. The results show that the two routing suites perform reasonably well in comparison with the Cisco routers. Several limiting factors are also identified.

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