Concept, Design, and Implementation of Context-handling Architecture for Adaptive Networking Services

T. Nakamura, M. Matsuo, M. Kubota, and K. Koyanagi (Japan)


context, contextaware service, information infrastruture, network platform


This paper describes CHANSE (Context Handling Architecture for Networking Service Environment), which sup plies generalized context information to applications by flexibly assigning data sources while hiding the details of the monitoring devices. As the first step of implementing CHANSE and to test its feasibility, we have developed a sample application that uses the underlying concept of CHANSE to provide a user’s current location. We also collaborated with some location detection sources such as the RFT (Radio Frequency Tag) system, GPS, and schedule management group ware. This paper describes the concept of CHANSE and the implementation and evaluation of the prototype system based on it.

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