Dynamic Markup Language based User Interfaces for a Browser

J. Vierinen and P. Vuorimaa (Finland)


Browser, Scripting, SMIL, XForms, MLFC, XSmiles


In this paper, a method for developing user interfaces with markup languages is presented. This method makes use of generic hypermedia document description formats such as XHTML, SMIL, and XForms. A small set of GUI descrip tion tags was used to interface the core of the software. Scripting and XForms were used for the needed user in terface controls and behaviour. The necessary extensions were made to an existing browser. To demonstrate the con cept, a desktop and a mobile phone GUI for a browser was created with the proposed method. The results hint that the method eases GUI development, especially for non resource critical applications. The method could be used for both prototyping and final implementation of GUIs in a heterogenous field of platforms.

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