Multi-search Engine for Internet Electronic Commerce

A. Alraddadi and P. Siy (USA)


Internet Tools, Search Engine,Information Extraction, Electronic Shopping Mall, and Web Query.


Searching for goods and comparing prices have become an important part of the Internet use. Because of the fast growing number of vendors in the Internet, customers find difficulties to find the search engines of all vendors and to compare the different results of these search engines. Therefore there is a growing demand for integrated, efficient, and intelligent search engine for electronic shopping. It is impossible to have one multiple search engines for all types of goods and all types of vendors, but a portal design for several multiple search engines may be the solution. In this paper, we propose an open, and a scalable architecture for a multi search engines for a WWW electronic shopping mall. This architecture provides a portal of several specialized multi search engines, and each multi search engine provides an integrated and general input interface from all vendors. In addition, each multi search engine automatically and simultaneously searches multiple vendor search engines and cumulates the results into a quality search results report. The results report is not just the query results from each vendor, but the results from each vendor search engine, which are parsed, filtered and compared, presenting the overall results report according to customer preferences.

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