Self-Managing Storage System – Design and Evaluation

S. Singavarapu, S. Hariri, and M. Yousif (USA)


Self-Managing, Security, Storage & retrieval


As more and more of the information becomes digitally available, and more of our daily activities are recorded and stored, it is becoming essential to secure and manage these large masses of data. Storage security is about security of persistent data. Conventional firewall and border security architectures are brittle by design, because a small number of protections are used to protect a large number of resources and services. We propose an agent based self-managing architecture for the manageability and serviceability of network storage systems. We use a distributed approach that reduces the number of client storage interactions relaying through the file manager, thus offloading more of the file manager’s work. This remedies the problem of the file server becoming a bottleneck in terms of bandwidth and CPU performance. Some applications of self-managing architecture are illustrated. A time-modulated security architecture is designed to provide security management. We also present experimental results that show us; by using a distributed architecture and an autonomic time-varying key-hopping mechanism, the performance of the server is increased without compromising upon security.

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