Innovative Teaching and Learning Tool for Distance Education and Communication over the Internet

V. Uskov and M. Uskova (USA)


Internetbased education, distance education, Internetbased communication, authoring tool, student evaluation.


The InterLabs state-of-the-art multiagent-based tool for distance education and communication over the Internet has been designed, developed, and tested at the Department of Computer Science and Information Systems (CS/IS), and the InterLabs Research Institute (IRI) at Bradley University, Peoria, IL as a part of the National Science Foundation’s grant # 0196015 [1,2]. It is based on active utilization of innovative software engineering, agent, portal, streaming multimedia, communication, teaching, learning and information technologies. Student formative and summative evaluations and academic performance clearly demonstrate the advantages of the innovative tool for Web-based education, corresponding Web-based courseware and active “student-to-students” and “student to-teacher” Internet-based communications.

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