From Learning Management Systems to Learning Information Systems: One Possible Evolution of E-learning

A. Molinari and L. Colazzo (Italy)


Webbased educational systems, Authoring tools,Learning Management systems


In this paper we will describe our experience in building systems for managing and distributing didactic material on Internet, also known as Learning Management Systems (LMS). This experience is based on what has been developed, tested, and put to use in some faculties of the University of Trento, where non-traditional learning environments in which students require more than the traditional face-to-face lessons are becoming ever more important. The prototype has been facing with the major problem of integration with the other information systems already present in the Faculties. Therefore, we have developed a LMS that is deeply related with administrative and bureaucratic issues, thus giving students and teachers a great help in conducting also activities not related with educational-specific tasks. We will present the principal characteristics of what we call a Learning Information System, in which typical e-learning tools are mixed with administrative functionalities.

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