An Effective BECN Typed Deflection Routing for Optical Burst Switching

K. Ohmae and H. Tanida (Japan), Y.-B. Choi (Korea), and H. Okada (Japan)


Optical transmission, Optical Burst Switching, Deflection Routing, Quality of Service


In recent years, the WDM networks have received much attention as the Internet backbone networks due to the explosive growth of the Internet IP-based traffic. The Optical burst switching (OBS) is proposed as an effective optical switching technology in the WDM networks [1]. OBS has the advantages in 1) the high usage rate of the bandwidth 2) no necessity of optical buffer. However OBS has a burst-collision problem in the networks. The deflection routing is proposed as one of means to solve this problem. In this paper, we propose a new routing method of using deflection routing. Also, we show the possibility that QoS can be guaranteed by the classification of the traffic in the future.

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