An 80 Gbit/s RZ and Carrier-suppressed-RZ Signal Transmission over 200-km Standard Single-mode Fiber by using Mid-span Optical Phase Conjugation based on Four-wave Mixing in Semiconductor Optical Amplifiers

J. Inoue, H. Sotobayashi, W. Chujo, and H. Kawaguchi (Japan)


Midspan optical phase conjugation, Fourwave mixing,Semiconductor optical amplifier, Singlemode fiber,Carriersuppressed returntozero signal, Dispersioncompensation


An 80-Gbit/s conventional return-to-zero and carrier suppressed return-to-zero optical time-division multiplexing signals transmission over a 200-km standard single-mode fiber was experimentally demonstrated. This was achieved by using a mid-span optical phase conjugation based on four-wave mixing in semiconductor optical amplifiers. In addition, it was confirmed that the transmitted carrier-suppressed return-to-zero optical signal’s phase-relation was maintained.

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