A Behavior Consistent Service Discovery and Substitution Mechanism in OSGI

Q. Yin, H. Hu, J. Li, J. Ge, and J. Lu (PRC)


OSGi, behavior consistency, ServiceOriented Architec ture, Petri Nets


This paper describes a service discovery and substitution mechanism to assure the consistency not only of the service interface but also of service behavior in a service-oriented model. Current service discovery and substitution mecha nism only focuses on the interface and static properties of a service. This can guarantee interface conformity, how ever, the runtime errors can not be eliminated. We pro pose Service Behavior Model based on WF-net to model the behavior of a service, and discuss behavior consistency of Service Behavior Models. On the top of the Open Ser vice Gateway Initiative (OSGi) which is a service-oriented component model, we implement the behavior consistent service discovery and substitution mechanism. The con cepts and solutions this paper provides are suf´Čüciently gen eral for application in other service-oriented models.

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