Broadband Internet for All: WiMAX A Reality

K.R. Santhi and G.S. Kumaran (Rwanda)


BWA, WiMAX, WiMAX Forum, IEEE 802.16, NLOS


: Broadband today—or some call it, broadband Internet—is as important as waterways, railroads and interstate highways of an earlier era. Affordable broadband to all citizens is very important for a knowledge based economy and society. Until now broadband connections either had to be offered by companies that own physical lines to buildings, which meant the telcos and cable operators, or they had to come from expensive satellite links or from wireless broadband systems that didn’t have economies of scale in their componentry. To solve the above problem the technology called WiMAX based on IEEE 802.16 standard is on the way and is expected to provide affordable broadband for all and improve the quality of life. WiMAX is a long –distance fixed wireless solution which is expected to outpace the growth of broadband wireline options as cellular phones have supplanted many land line users. This paper will provide a very strong introduction about WiMAX technology, deployment status of this technology, its advantages as a last mile solution and backhauling, its challenges for end user connectivity and its scope in Rwanda.

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