Integrated Multilayer Traffic Engineering in the GMPLS based IP over Optical Networks

W. Colitti, K. Steenhaut, A. Nowé (Belgium), and T.N.L. Tran (Vietnam)


GMPLS, MTE, power penalty, all optical communication, resource usage.


An integrated IP over Optical Network controlled by the Generalized Multi-Protocol Label Switching (GMPLS) common control plane is believed to be a promising solution for the Next Generation Optical Internet. We propose an integrated Multi-layer Traffic Engineering (MTE) scheme for such a network. Instead of performing traffic engineering in each layer separately, the routing algorithm considers both the logical topology (for grooming purpose) and physical topology (for new lightpath setup). While guaranteeing sufficient bandwidth, the proposed scheme 1) improves the optical transmission quality by considering the lightpath’s potential power penalty and the propagation delay and 2) optimizes the network resource usage by taking into account the number of used transmitters and wavelengths when accommodating connection requests. Nested RSVP-TE sessions are used to setup mixed GMPLS Label Switched Paths (LSPs). The performance of this scheme in terms of blocking probability and resource usage is evaluated via extensive simulations.

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