A Secure Virtual File Server with P2P Connection to a Large-Scale Network

S. Tezuka, R. Uda, A. Inoue, and Y. Matsushita (Japan)


Security, distributed storage system, redundancy code, contents distribution networking, and contents management.


A tremendous amount of content is now saved on file servers. While managing files and users is fairly easy, introducing a file server system and using it under constant management is costly, especially for small organizations. Furthermore, dependence on a single file server leaves the stored content exposed to system failure. Similarly, entrusting management of the system to one person who may not be entirely reliable creates a danger of abuses such as file falsification or leakage. Therefore, a new type of file server system is needed. We have designed a secure virtual file server system with a P2P connection to a large-scale network. This system creates a huge virtual file server which can serve as a mass backup system. In addition, our system enables a decentralized file administration system with a high level of security for a ubiquitous-computing environment. This system uses two or more local area networks and cooperates with a virtual file server (VFS). A saved file is divided into multiple components on a VFS, and these are saved at user PCs in other networks. This system allows sharing of disk space and communication links, and it can be used without any administration authority.

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