A Proposal of Voice Stream Authentication Method with Fixed Length Signature for IP Telephony

R. Uda and Y. Matsushita (Japan)


Computer security, network security, IP telephony, authentication, and ubiquitous computing


A proposal of voice stream authentication method is described in this paper. The method is designed for IP telephony which requires mutual authentication of the voice, prompt verification and tolerance to random packet loss. Telephony has spread in almost all the world and phone is used not only for private communication but also for business. Nonetheless, there are few measures for security of telephony including IP phone. Needless to say, most of IP phone have a system which provides secure communication. However, a critical problem which is discussed in this paper is not in confidentiality between speakers but in authentication of whom the phone is connected to. Therefore, in this paper, we propose a voice stream authentication method for IP phone which authenticates who speaks and what is spoken. Proposed method has much more advantages than other authentication method for streaming media in unstable wireless communication and under limited power supply. With our method, overhead of each packet is kept in fixed length while dynamically changing the distance between signatures to reduce the calculation load of a phone terminal. It is very suitable authentication method for IP telephony in the ubiquitous age in near future.

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