Contents Service Supporting Both the Wired and Wireless Internet

S.J. Lee, N. Yoo, C.S. Son, N.Y. Park, I.M. Hwang, S.Y. Yang, and W.J. Kim (South Korea)


SVG, contents service, and wireless internet


In the future various services will dominate which integrate and simultaneously support both the wired and wireless Internet thanks to mobile devices like a PDA, mobile phone and so on. Most of all, it is absolutely necessary to overcome the variety of wireless Internet in order to provide service supporting both the wired and wireless Internet. There have been various researches on 3GPP and WIPI to standardize a wireless Internet platform, which contributed to the introduction of mobile phones with the results applied to. This paper proposes contents service like as a character service that supports both the wired and wireless Internet at the same time using SVG, which was adopted as the 2D graphic standard by W3C. Development of such service that can support both the wired and wireless Internet using SVG will allow a company to benefit from reduction of development period and expenses and a user to enjoy the same service under any circumstances.

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