FCFS Priority-based: An Adaptive Approach in Scheduling Real-Time Network Traffic

M. Saleh, Z. Othman, and S. Shamala (Malaysia)


Adaptive, Priority, Scheduling, Real Time Network.


: Earlier studies have observed that in moderately-loaded systems, using FCFS priority-based policy to schedule tasks results in the fewest packet loss. However, when the system is overloaded a FCFS priority based policy schedule performs worse than most other policies. This is due to FCFS priority-based gives the highest priority to one queue while ignoring the overloaded conditions. In this research, a new priority assignment algorithm is presented which features a feedback control mechanism that detects overload conditions and modifies packet priority assignments accordingly. Using a detailed simulation model, Object Oriented Dynamic Stochastic Discrete Event Simulation, we will compare the performance of the original FCFS priority based algorithm with respect to the Adaptive FCFS priority-based algorithm.

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