Enhanced Split-Layer Protocol with H.264 based Error Concealment Technique

T. de Souza-Daw, N.K. Chilamkurti, and B. Soh (Australia)


Error Concealment, SPLIT layer Protocol, H.264 video, layer multicast.


In recent years Error Correction, Error Concealment, Error Control and Fairness techniques have been developed to counter the inevitable errors encountered on a non-ideal network. The Split-Layer Video Multicast Protocol (SPLIT) has been uniquely designed to take advantages of these techniques. Its primary advantage is its ability to conserve bandwidth while maintaining a level of satisfactory quality. The basic principle is to conceal errors that are created by dropping a layer, due to network congestion and recovering the quality using already developed error concealment techniques. It is the intention of this paper to research and develop this integration of SPLIT with an established error concealment algorithm.

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