Comparison of On-Demand Mobile Ad Hoc Network Routing Protocols under On/Off Source Traffic Effect

J.-H. Au-Yong (Malaysia)


On/Off Source Traffic, DSR, AODV, MANET


In a multi-hop wireless environment, an efficient ad hoc routing protocol plays a very important role to ensure every transmitted data packet reaches its final destination mobile node. This paper presents the latest result of simulation model of two on-demand mobile ad hoc routing protocol: Dynamic Source Routing (DSR) and Ad Hoc On-Demand Distance Vector (AODV). Interestingly, this paper presents the performance of both protocols under the effect of On/Off source traffic with exponential distribution in comparison to Constant Bit Rate (CBR) Traffic. With the influence of On/Off source traffic, both reactive routing protocols demonstrate unexpectedly different behaviours from its traditional source traffic model which is CBR. Additionally, this paper also shows that the effect of varying mobility, active sources and source traffic model has undeniably influenced the performance of both routing protocol in different scenarios.

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