Accelerometer Calibration for a Portable Mobility Telemonitoring Device

C. Ni Scanaill and G.M. Lyons (Ireland)


Patient Monitoring, Telemedicine, Accelerometers, Elderly


Long-term monitoring of mobility is beneficial in quantifying a person’s functional health status. An SMS based (Short Message Service) telemonitoring system has been redeveloped to remotely monitor the long-term mobility trends of elderly people in their living environment. Mobility is measured by an accelerometer based portable unit, which is worn by each monitored subject. Mobility level summaries are transmitted hourly, as SMS messages, directly from the redeveloped portable unit to a remote server for long-term analysis. Each subject’s mobility levels are monitored at the remote server using custom-designed mobility alert software and the appropriate medical personnel are alerted, by SMS, if deterioration in the subject’s mobility levels is detected. This paper describes the process used to calibrate accelerometers for the wearable element of this telemonitoring system.

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