Biomechanics Modeling of Human Musculoskeletal System using Adams Multibody Dynamics Package

A. Veloso, G. Esteves, S. Silva, C. Ferreira, and F. Brandão (Portugal)


Modelling, Simulation, Biomechanics, Ergonomics, Musculoskeletal System


The aim of our study was to estimate the muscle skeletal load of human activities in the car industry, for that purpose MSC Adams Lifemodeler was used to build a mechanical model for a work place simulation were an electric screw driving was used. The data for model assembly was provided by video captured recordings, electromyography measurements and anthropometric data of workers. The task chosen for simulation was one of the more demanding, presenting a high-risk level for musculoskeletal disorders, considering the plant ergonomic department classification. The model allows the calculation of bone forces and joint moments of force. This will allow, in the future, to obtain the values of muscle skeletal action forces in wrist forearm and shoulder, caused by the action of the electric screw driving tool. Results presented are from an ongoing study.

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