Implementation of a Microprocessor-based System for Real-Time Monitoring of Vital Signs and Control of Depth of Anaesthesia

J.-Y. Li, J.-K. Jang, C.-Y. Hung, T.-H. Su, S.-C. Lee, T.-S. Kuo, and F.-S. Jaw (Taiwan)


Control Systems, Anaesthesia, Drug Delivery and Pharmacokinetics, Hemodynamics


In this study, a stand-alone device integrating the functions of vital-sign monitors and an infusion pump was implemented. Heart rate, respiratory rate and mean arterial pressure were real-time monitored from arterial blood pressure and used as indices to adjust the drug infusion rate. Control of the depth of anaesthesia was available without any on-line intervention from a computer. The architecture of distributed system was adopted for the ease of switching the microprocessors encoded with drug-specific algorithms. The designed device can be a useful tool for maintaining the anaesthetic depth during animal experiments and a valuable instrument for studies on pharmacokinetic model of anaesthesia.

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