Electrical Stimuli Capsule for Control Moving Direction at the Small Intestine

S.H. Woo, J.Y. Yang, E.S. Jung, J.H. Lee, Y.K. Moon, T.W. Kim, C.H. Won, H.C. Choi, and J.H. Cho (Korea)


Capsule endoscope, Locomotion, Change moving direction, Improve moving speed, Electrical stimuli.


Recently, a capsule endoscope has been developed to observe images from the inside of intestine. Such a capsule endoscope does not have locomotion or hold method. To get proper diagnosis and medication, it is necessary to control the capsule from outside to guide locomotion. The designed and implemented capsule has feasibility to contract the small intestine by electrical stimuli through the electrodes. When the small intestine is contracted by electrical stimuli, the capsule can move to opposite direction, which means the capsule can go up and down in the small intestine. The implemented stimuli capsule always monitors excessive energy transmission and automatically shuts down the electrical stimuli to make it more secure. Additionally, the stimuli capsule goes on standby mode to save the battery, and it can be reset by comparator circuit which is connected to stimulus electrodes. To verify the design and implement the stimuli capsule, in-vitro experiments were performed with pig’s small intestine.

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