Physiological Modelling of Hemodynamic Effects of Simultaneous Administration of Noradrenaline and Dobutamine to Septic Patients in CICU

M. Mahfouf, M.A. Denaï, and J.J. Ross (UK)


Sepsis, septic shock, cardiovascular modeling, pharmacological model, noradrenaline, dobutamine.


Septic shock is a medical emergency which requires a supportive treatment with vasoactive agents to restore adequate blood pressure and tissue perfusion. Due to the complex medical conditions of septic patients, the identification of the best therapeutic approach remains one of the major challenges for the clinicians. Thus, an improved understanding of the pathophysiological mechanisms of septic shock is needed. A computer model provides a means of quantifying the key phenomena involved and identifying the potential therapeutic targets. This paper presents a comprehensive physiological and pharmacological model of the cardiovascular system that can simulate the hemodynamic response to vasoactive drugs with differing pharmacologic profiles. The model is used to study the interaction of combined noradrenaline and dobutamine therapy in patients with septic shock who typically remain hypotensive despite fluid administration.

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