Analysis of Baroreflex Sensitivity

R. Trobec, V. Avbelj, B. Meglič, and V. Švigelj (Slovenia)


Baroreflex sensitivity, baroreceptor, respiration, blood pressure variability, heart rate variability, time and frequency domain.


The amount and the character of interactions among breathing, heart beating and blood pressure are important issues in the evaluation of neurological state of each individual, which can be characterized by baroreflex sensitivity (BRS). Baroreflex control of the heart rate and blood pressure is one of the basic mechanisms which determine the blood pressure homeostasis, one of the most important factors of any cardiovascular system. BRS might be a useful diagnostic tool for diagnosing baroreceptor dysfunction, for example in patients with symptomatic carotid artery disease. For assessing BRS, measurements of ECG, blood pressure, and optionally respiration have been analysed with different methods in time and frequency domain. In this paper a new noninvasive methodology is proposed, based on respiration synchronous modulation of ECG and blood pressure signals. The method is robust and gives additional information of the baroreflex control phase.

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