Extraction and Separation of High-Amplitude Artifacts in Electroencephalograms from Epileptic Patients

A.R. Teixeira, A.M. Tomé (Portugal), E.W. Lang, P. Gruber (Germany), and A. Martins da Silva (Portugal)


Singular spectrum analysis, artifacts removal, Electroen cephalogram, Electrooculogram.


Electroencephalogram (EEG) recordings are often dis torted by high-amplitude artifacts which hamper its correct visual inspection. In this work we present a method which can be applied separately to each channel to extract high amplitude components. The method is called local singu lar spectrum analysis (SSA) and is a principal component analysis in clusters formed after embedding the signals in their time-delayed coordinates. The extracted signal can be subtracted from the original channel resulting in a cor rected EEG version. The algorithm is applied to real EEG segments containing paroxysmal epileptiform activity con taminated by artifactual activity. The extracted artifact as well as the corrected EEG will be presented.

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