Integrating Information from Pathological Brain MRI into an Anatomo-Functional Model

B. Batrancourt, J. Atif, O. Nempont, E. Angelini, and I. Bloch (France)


Brain, MRI, Segmentation, Anatomo-functional model, Hypergraph, Knowledge Representation.


This paper presents a contribution to a large problematic in medicine and neuroscience which consists in integrat ing information extracted from medical images (MRI) into a global framework (such as electronic patient records or anatomo-functional databases). In this work, we focus on (1) the construction of an anatomo-functional model based on an Attributed Relational Hypergraph representation and (2) the integration into this model of information extracted from cerebral imaging scans, via several segmentation pro cedures. This model, including information on anatomical structures and their spatial relations, is able to cope with the complexity of anatomy and of MRI data.

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