Design and Implementation of the Telemetry Capsule for Measuring of Electrogastrography

E.S. Jung, J.H. Lee, S.H. Woo, K.W. Yoon, J.H. Jang, M.K. Kim, Y.K. Moon, T.W. Kim, C.H. Won, H.C. Choi, and J.H. Cho (Korea)


electrogastrography, biotelemetry, capsule, in-vitro e.g..


Electrogastrography (EGG) is a significant reference of the myoelectric activity of the gastrointestinal tract and indicates whether it has a disease or not. There have been numerous studies of the myoelectric activity in a stomach, but only a few studies of the intestines because of the dif ficulty of measurement in the intestines. Recently, the technology of the biotelemetry capsule for measurement of internal information in the human digestive tract has been developed. In the current study, an EGG telemetry system using the developed biotelemetry technology was designed and implemented for measuring EGG in intes tines. The EGG capsule converts the acquired EGG value to digital data, which is transmitted from the capsule to the external receiver. The performance of the telemetry capsule for the EGG monitoring in the gastrointestinal tract was verified by in-vitro animal experiments. From the experiment, it was verified that the EGG telemetry capsule can measures a slow wave in intestines.

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