Design of an Implantable Active Microport System for Patient Specific Drug Release

A. Geipel, A. Doll, F. Goldschmidtböing, B. Müller, P. Jantscheff, N. Esser, U. Massing, and P. Woias (Germany)


Drug delivery, microtechnology, electronic medical devices, micropump, flow control


We present a novel concept of an implantable active microport based on micro technology that incorporates a high-resolution volumetric dosing unit and a drug reservoir into the space of a conventional subcutaneous port. The controlled release of small drug volumes from such an “active microport” is crucial e.g. for innovative methods in cancer treatment or pain therapy. Our microport system delivers a flow rate in the range of 1 - 50 µl/min and enables a patient-specific release profile. The core of our device is a peristaltic micropump fabricated in bulk silicon micromechanics. It is driven by two piezoelectric diaphragm actuators and features a backpressure-independent volumetric dosing capability. Due to the small dead volumes of this microfluidic system a simple and economic medical-grade pressure sensor can be used for real-time release control and detection of catheter occlusion.

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