A Study of HRV Analysis to Detect Drowsiness States of Drivers

M.-K. Byeon, S.-W. Han, H.-K. Min, Y.-S. Wo, Y.-B. Park, and W. Huh (Korea)


Drowsiness state, Photoplethysmography (PPG), heart rate variability (HRV), power-spectral density (PSD)


In this paper, we described a basis experiment to confirm feasibilities of the methodology and assumption which we proposed in order to detect drowsiness states of driver. We use the HRV as drowsiness parameters of driver. Our approach is based on the assumption that a drowsiness state defines the states after one’s eyes shut during 10 minutes. For the experiments, we take’s 10 healthy person’s PPG signals and analyzed it by using devised system. As the results of HRV analysis, we can see that the LF/HF ratio of drowsiness states are more decreasing trend then that of normal states.

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