Finite Element Analysis of Stent Expansion Considering Stent, Artery and Plaque Interaction

S.M. Kim and S.Y. Park (Korea)


FEM, Stent, Artery, Plaque, Interface


In this paper, results are presented of nonlinear simulations performed to analyse the interactions between the stent and artery or plaque using finite element method. Therefore, this study was performed to identify the residual stress and expansion behavior of the stent and blood vessels to provide a model for the study in the aspect of computational fluid dynamics after the expansion of blood vessels. The modeling blood vessels, stent, and plaque and was performed by analysis program, ANSYS(Ver 10.0). In conclusion, this study may help in designing new stent. In the future study, computational fluid dynamics(CFD) should also be coupled in the analysis of the stent behavior in the artery.

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