Spasticity Evaluation through Physiological Feedback System Model Identification

G.-M. Eom and J.H. Jun (Korea)


spasticity, pendulum test, feedback, muscle length, lengthening velocity


The quantitative and objective evaluation of spasticity has been desired by the clinical staff in rehabilitation and orthopaedics where subjective evaluations such as modified Ashworth scale (MAS) were mostly used. There have been a lot of studies for the evaluation of spasticity, but only few of them suggested quantitative evaluation with doubtful practicality for use in clinic. Data from the simple pendulum test can be used for quantitative evaluation of the spasticity with the help of biomechanical modeling. The spasticity of a knee joint can be modeled as nonlinear feedback of muscle lengthening velocity and the muscle length. Through the optimization of the modeling error, the feedback parameters can be determined which can be used as the quantitative evaluation criteria of the spasticity. This paper shows the principle and the clinical possibility of the method.

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