MoteCare: An Adaptive Smart Ban Health Monitoring System

E. Lubrin, E. Lawrence, and K.F. Navarro (Australia)


Motes, health monitoring, Body Area Network


An increasing aged population worldwide promises to test medical capabilities everywhere. A growing number of groups – research and commercial – have taken on this challenge of alleviating a potentially unmanageable situation. They are looking at existing and novel ways to care for the aged; however, it will still be some time before the medical profession will accept such new solutions. In this paper, the authors propose a smart, adaptive remote health monitoring system as a solution. They describe the building of a third implementation of a remote health monitoring prototype using Motes, a PDA, a personal server and a network management application to show that commodity-based hardware can be a viable solution. In addition, they describe their intent to use the prototype in developing a system that can adapt to the patient’s condition and situation. Such an adaptive, smart body area network (BAN) system requires a number of issues to be addressed before commencing development; these will also be discussed.

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