Ground Reaction Force (GRF) Measurement of Normal and Above Knee Amputee based on the Gait Speed

J.H. Jun, S.M. Kim, K.S. Shin, S.J. Kim, and S.Y. Park (Korea)


Gait analysis, Ground reaction force, Knee amputee


This study was performed to show a difference of gait between normal and above knee amputees on the change of gait speed. In the experiment, 37 normal male volunteers, 4 male AK amputees tested SNS(integrated control) and NABUCO (integrated control) prosthetic knee assemblies. A gait analysis was carried out to derive the ratio of Ground Reaction Force(GRF) to body mass as the percentage of total stance phase. The more natural gate pattern then, SNS prosthetic knee assembly fast gait speed the NABUCO at the for GRF and time parameters.

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