Simulation of Blood Flow through a Microvessel Branching

Arezou Jafari, S.M. Mousavi, P. Kolari (Finland), and P. Zamankhan (Finland, Iran)


model, blood flow, branching, Volume of Fluid (VOF), molecular dynamics.


A Computational model of blood flow through branching geometries in the human being has been developed to investigate the influence of branching on blood flow distribution. In part A, a model is developed to show the reason that causes blood to enter daughters. Then the equations governing the conservation of mass and momentum were solved within the geometric model to calculate the pressure and velocity fields. In part B, a special example of branching where the blood moves from an arteriole to a venule via a capillary is simulated using volume of fluid (VOF) model. In part C, similar to molecular dynamics, blood flow in a branching is simulated using solid and fluid particles. The fluid particle method allows for modeling the plasma as a particle ensemble, where each particle represents a collective unit of fluid, which is defined by its mass, moment of inertia, translational and angular momenta.

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