Developing Software Evolution Estimation Methods for Software Industry

J. Koskinen, J.J. Ahonen, T. Tilus, H. Sivula, I. Kankaanpää, H. Lintinen, and P. Juutilainen (Finland)


Software evolution, software maintenance, empiricalsoftware engineering, method development, benefitestimation, software process improvement.


This paper presents an approach for developing and improving software evolution estimation methods and draws together conducted and ongoing software industry related studies for these purposes. Various approaches and methods have been surveyed, developed and experimented. The applied method development approach includes activities concerning method evaluations, empirical studies for method development, actual method development, and related industrial case studies. The method evaluation activities concern systematic evaluation of software modernization estimation methods. The focus areas of the empirical studies include general modernization decision making characteristics and software modernization decision criteria. There are three methods whose development is based on these wide theoretical background studies, conducted empirical studies and identified needs of software industry. These methods are under constant iterative development. ISEBA's focus is at guiding the selection of evolution benefit estimation methods. MODEST is aimed at early system modernization pressure estimation. VERDE is targeted at supporting system change decision making. There are also three completed and other ongoing case studies aiming at supporting software evolution estimation and focusing on large-scale industrial legacy systems.

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