Data Migration using Iterative Methodology

A.K. Syed and V.V.S. Raveendra (India)


Data Migration, Iterative Data Migration


This paper summarizes the experience of executing a data migration project using iterative methodology. The Unified Process (UP) is adopted into onsite-offshore development. The data migration exercise involved migration of data from multiple systems on Multiple Virtual Storage (MVS) and Windows to the target product database on OS/400. In this paper we present the data migration into a third party product. Initially, the water fall model was chosen to execute the data migration. During the execution we came across difficulties which the water fall model could not address, and hence, we executed the rest of the project in an iterative manner (UP), and found it very effective. There is sufficient literature available on the execution of development projects in an iterative manner, but not on the execution of data migration projects in an iterative manner. This paper presents an approach to execute data migration projects in an iterative manner. The experiences of life cycle selection, project management, design, development and testing are presented for the benefit of the software community.

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