A Visual Control Flow Language for Model Transformation Systems

L. Lengyel, T. Levendovszky, G. Mezei, and H. Charaf (Hungary)


Control Flow, Metamodel-Based Visual Model Ttransfortmation, OCL, Ttermination Criteria, UML.


Graph rewriting-based visual model processing is a widely used technique for model transformation. Visual model transformations often need to follow an algorithm that requires a strict control over the execution sequence of the transformation steps. Thus, in Visual Model Processors (VMPs) the execution order of the rewriting rules is crucial. This paper presents the visual control flow support of Visual Modeling and Transformation System (VMTS), which facilitates composing complex model transformations of simple transformation steps and executing them. The VMTS Visual Control Flow Language (VCFL) uses stereotyped activity diagrams to specify control flow structures and OCL constraints to choose between different control flow branches. This paper introduces VCFL, discusses its termination properties and provides an algorithm to support the termination analysis of VCFL transformations. Furthermore, an illustrative case study is also provided.

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