The Development of MDA-based Software Product-Line Process and Supporting Tool

K.S. Hwang, M.S. Song, and Y.J. Yang (Korea)


Software Product-Line, MDA 518-803


Recently, the special needs in software product-line based development technology have been increased; therefore, various methodologies and models are suggested. However, it’s insufficient as a solution of productivity improvement and process efficiency. So, we developed MaRMI-PL (Magic and Robust Methodology Integrated – Product Line) as a new software production process, and VETL as its supporting tool. MaRMI-PL is based on software product-line; it improves software productivity through realizing the concept of Model Driven Architecture, an automatic software development paradigm. VETL is based on Eclipse framework; it provides compatibility with MaRMI-PL to developers. We identified that MaRMI-PL and VETL help developers to increase software reusability and productivity in the same software product family.

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