Developer Dependencies Meet Code Dependencies

S. Jucknath-John and J. Bochnia (Germany)


Object-oriented Analysis and Design, Cooperative Work Support, Project Management, Visualization


The initial mapping between developer teams and future work is always critical because there are several effects arising over time (e.g. new requirements), that can not be foreseen from the beginning. If this original mapping turns out to be insufficient (e.g. a milestone can not be fulfilled) it can be improved by using information from the version his tory management like dependencies on source code level. In this paper, we present another approach that also uses the information about dependencies between developer teams. This is realized by building a developer dependency graph, a source code dependency graph and a mapping between them. To assess this mapping, we 1) evaluate the allocation rule for developer and work (mea sured by the complexity of a piece of code and thus re quested number of developers), 2) rate the structure of the developer information flow (de pendency graph) and 3) estimate the difference between two code versions (us ing the concept of code smells from refactoring to classify the code quality after several passes of software evolution). We also present a visualization of this mapping and its rating, which should be useful in a discussion on a nec essary reorganization.

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