User-Extensible Compiler Front-End Generator

S.-J. Wang, L.-F. Jin, C.-Z. Jin, and L. Liu (PRC)


Parser generator, extensibility, Earley parsing, JLUCC


Parsing algorithm, target language and structure are three interrelated aspects of compiler front-end generators. In this paper, JLUCC - a user-extensible compiler front-end gene- rator is introduced. JLUCC has a novel structure, which makes it support multiple parsing algorithms and target languages. Users can develop plug-ins for JLUCC to extend its parsing algorithms and target languages. Compared to traditional compiler front-end generators, JLUCC supports a general parsing algorithm which works on entire class of context-free languages. JLUCC has a direct effect on the development cycle of a compiler. For convenience, users can extend intermediate representations and tree-walkers of the compiler front ends generated by JLUCC.

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