Using Design Patterns in Mobile Communication Development

R. Kereskényi, B. Forstner, and H. Charaf (Hungary)


Mobile and wireless computing, network communication,design patterns, Symbian


The number of mobile applications has increased recently. Most of the applications use a means of network communication to cooperate with other devices. Since the mobile developer platform is relatively young, the developer culture is still evolving. There is a need to provide high quality applications, which cannot be achieved witout patterns and methods proven in the applications of the desktop developments. Without using design, the source code will be hard to read, and we may have an ununderstandable class hierarchy. In this paper we introduce two design patterns that can be applied in communication applications for mobile platforms. First, the Reactor pattern enables event-driven applications to demultiplex and dispatch the requests that are delivered to an application from some other clients. Our second subject of research is the Active Object pattern, which decouples method execution from method invocation in order to simplify synchronized access to an object that resides in its own thread of control. Based on the analyzed patterns we implemented a universal communication component on the Symbian Series60 mobile platform. Using this library it is much easier to develop communication-aware applications for that platform.

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