W2000 meets J2ME for the Fast Prototyping of Mobile Web Applications

L. Baresi and L. Mainetti (Italy)


Web applications, W2000, J2ME, Modeling


Mobile devices are motivating a new family of Web appli cations. Limited sources, like displays, mice, keyboards, and memory, heavily impact the client-side capabilities of the application. This is why mobile Web applications must be re-modeled to take into account the peculiarities of the new devices. This paper does not propose yet another “general pur pose” modeling framework and does not even discuss the problems with modeling multi-device applications. It as sumes that mobile Web applications will not mainly be used for browsing data, but navigation will be the means to access services. Given this hypothesis, the paper proposes µW2000 as light-weight version of W2000 for this class of applications and a rule-based approach for fast prototyping the client side of these applications through self-contained J2ME (Java 2 Micro Edition) applications. The approach is exemplified through the Smart Ticket application by Sun.

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