A Mobile Phone based Ubiquitous System for Capturing and Sending Images Automatically

A. Peñalver Benavent and O. Martinez Bonastre (Spain)


Mobile and Wireless Computing, Human ComputerInteraction, Applications, Mobile Multimedia


Mobile computing devices, especially digital cameras built in cell phones, combine small, lightweight, and wireless connectivity so they could change the different ways in which people interact with their computers. Then, many types of field work that had not been previously assisted by computers can benefit from available computational resources instantaneously. In this paper, we introduce a novelty ubiquitous system, with both client and server side applications that allows an expert of insurances, equiped with a mobile phone, to receive a list of expedients even also taking pictures from a damaged vehicle and then send them automatically to the central server in order to be available in real time for publication, manipulation or distribution.

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