Web Service Architectures Need Constraining Standards: An Agenda for Developing Systems WITHOUT Client-Side Software Adapters

T. Lahiri and M. Woodman (UK)


Adapters, Interoperability, Standards, Web Services


This paper argues that the standards for engineering and deploying web services are not yet resulting in truly interoperable software. It examines why standards for web services are proving difficult to define in such a way that their application facilitates the use web services. Some of the negative implications of failing web-based service oriented standards are described. We propose both a long-term and medium-term solution to the problem. In the long term those involved in defining web service standards disperse the confusion by making them constraining. In the medium term, until the standards have matured to a point where adapters are not needed, web service developers must provide a mechanism, such as the one we propose, to adapt services as and when needed. This way the remedy is not forced onto client systems.

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