A Visual Data Mapping Tool for Software Components Interactions in Service-Oriented Architectures

M. Brambilla, S. Ceri, S. Comai, and C. Tziviskou (Italy)


Web services, Data marshalling, XSL


With the spread of Service-Oriented Architectures, software components are exposed as Web services whose orchestration is gaining more and more importance. Several CASE tools and development frameworks have been put in place for representing conversations and composition without requiring designers to bother about implementation issues. However, as data sources for the exposed software components are arbitrary, data management problems within Web services interactions are often underestimated. This work addresses the topic of data mapping between XML contents of Web service messages and relational databases, which typically stores such information at the various peers. We propose a high level approach to this problem, by offering (a) a very simple and straightforward visual transformation model as a software layer that enables the communication between peers based on various data formats, and (b) a software tool that allows the designer to draw the transformation diagrams between the message contents and the database structure. We provide the description of an algorithm for the automatic translation of visual mappings to XSLT rules, and the approach application within the WebML modeling framework for Web services design.

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