Effective Organization and Visualization of Web Search Results

N. Bonnel, V. Lemaire, A. Cotarmanac'h, and A. Morin (France)


Search Results Visualization, 3D Metaphors, Human Computer Interfaces, Web Mining, Evaluation.


While searching the web, the user is often confronted by a great number of results, generally displayed in a list which is sorted according to the relevance of the results. Facing the limits of this approach, we propose to explore new or ganizations and presentations of search results, as well as new types of interactions with the results to make their ex ploration more intuitive and ef´Čücient. The main topic of this paper is the processing of the results coming from an information retrieval system. Although the relevance de pends on the results quality, the effectiveness of the results processing represents an alternative way to improve the rel evance for the user. Given the current expectations, this processing is composed by an organization step and a vi sualization step. Then the proposed approach organizes the results according to their meaning using a Kohonen Self Organizing Map (SOM), and visualizes them in a 3D scene to increase the representation space. The 3D metaphor pro posed here is a city.

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