Packet Delay Performance Comparison of the IEEE 802.11 and IrDA Air CSMA/CA Protocols in High-Speed Wireless LANs

P. Chatzimisios, V. Vitsas (Greece), A.C. Boucouvalas (UK), D. Kleftouris, and M. Tsoulfa (Greece)


Wireless LANs, packet delay, IEEE 802.11, IrDA AIr, performance comparison


During the past few years the wireless technology market has experienced a tremendous growth. IEEE and Infrared Data Association (IrDA) have developed 802.11 and Advanced Infrared (AIr) protocols, respectively, in order to cope with modern communication needs. This paper develops a simple and accurate analysis to evaluate saturation performance of the IEEE 802.11 and AIr protocols. We present an extensive evaluation by taking into account all the factors and parameters that affect packet delay performance. Finally, we propose suitable values for certain physical and link layer parameters that reduce average packet delay and, thus, improve the services that the IEEE 802.11 and AIr protocols provide to various communication and multimedia applications.

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